Maspes Vigorelli Velodrome: a contest

The reorganization of each part of Vigorelli Maspes Velodrome, in relation to its surroundings, create four different situations, which regenerate and contextualize the entire space.

A large closed square guiding the building, is connected to an urban space abandoned today, fitting in a system of reference that allows to interact openly with the dynamics of the neighborhood. A sequence of new and covered areas reset everyday tracks, paths and spaces rarely used so far.

An international design contest for Velodromo Maspes  Vigorelli through which the city council wants to requalify the historic “temple” of track cycling.

The area on which insists the municipal plant of the Velodrome is located in the northwest quadrant of the city, near the historic quarter of the former Trade Fair in Milan. More precisely, its area of relevance is bordered by the streets of Arona, Giovanni da Procida, G. Savonarola, Viale Duilio and Square Carlo Magno.
The main purpose of the International Design Competition is the acquisition of a project that, through appropriate structural and engineering upgrade, allows the play of different sports (both at professional and amateur level) and permits at the same time, the coexistence of new uses. The municipal government thus aims to promote a program of requalification and renovation of the property in order to return to the citizens a renovated sports complex of international appeal, providing for the maintenance of existing activities and the introduction of spaces compatible and social aggregation.

So the new structure should draw citizenship to participate in sports or related hosting within it, and at the same time, become the reference point for the nearby residential areas, including through the redefinition of the neighboring area of relevance. In this sense, the transformation of the current system in an architectural complex of great quality and importance is particularly relevant. An urban element of excellence capable of interacting with the recent transformation context: CityLife and Portello and new convention center of Fiera Milano.

An evidence on the important past of Vigorelli Maspes Velodrome. Sports, concerts, audience, then the fatal snowfall and the decline.