Philippe Daverio travels in places designed by Beretta Associati

Studio Beretta

This itinerary has been designed to visit projects that Beretta Associati has realized in the city and touches with hand the urban transformations of which the architect Gianmaria Beretta, in over 50 years, is a direct witness.

Daverio’s methodology and his working group is based on a precise detailed analysis of the initial data of a project, the definition of its basic concept, the development and creative enrichment, the necessary feasibility studies, the definition of a real work plan, and where required and possible, the tangible realization of the final product.

In each of these steps our interlocutor is accompanied, documented, oriented, involved in the creative process, made part of a stimulating intellectual adventure because we “know” and we have the experience to “build” on the basis of this knowledge.

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